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Port Jervis Connections

If you'd like to post your e-mail address to help find and be found by current or former Port Jervians, here's the place to do it.  Send your request to webmaster@PortJervisNY.com   

Added 02/17/08 - Hello, My name was Cheryl Behr, Alton Behr"s Grandaughter.  He drove the bus in Port Jervis and for the school I attended, the Port Jervis school and Minsink Valley, before moving to Benton Pa. My Grandmother worked at Minisink Valley in the Cafe. Her name was Emma Davenport.  Looking for family members,  any info on Prosper Davis family, and school mates. Email  Taskemus2003@yahoo.com

Added 09/10/07 -  I was Betty Jones class of 1962 Port Jervis High but attended Montague Elementary K-6. I am now Elizabeth Jones living in Sullivan County.  I would be happy to hear from anyone. later, e  ej7342@warwick.net 

Added 07/05/07 -  I attended 7th and 8th grade at St. Mary’s and have very fond memories and it would be great to attend a reunion.  Please add my name to the list.   Michael S. Pisciotta   mpisciot@nystrs.state.ny.us 

Added 06/03/07-I went to Church Street School and graduated from Port Jervis High School in1962. I have been away from Port Jervis for many years but never have forgotten where I came from and how wonderful it was growing up in Port
Jervis. I have lived in the Atlanta, Georgia for almost 30 years. I would love to hear from friends and classmates.

Added 10/3/06-Just a note to those of you asking about St. Mary's School and connecting with old classmates. We are in the process of forming an alumni committee and planning a reunion to gather on Saturday, September 29, 2007. If you would like us to add you to our list and be kept up to date, or you have any news of others, please send your information to little_lambs@juno.com

Catherine DeMarco - " I went to St Mary's catholic school, and graduated from Port Jervis high in 1968. Have lived away from Port Jervis for a long time, occasionally visiting with family throughout the years. Would love hearing  from former classmates or students  that went to St. Mary's school and Port Jervis High. "There are no friends like old friends"  willisca_49@yahoo.com 

Karen Jones - "I use to live in Port Jervis and went to school there.  I am now living in Hernando, Fla. Please add me to your listings so my old friends can get in touch with me."  

I was Catherine Kowalczik, Now Kathy Harman,Living in Fl. I went to St Mary's catholic  school, and PJ high.Looking to Speak to Ann Spencer,or some of my other school chums. I live several blocks away from Pat Wantz, another ST Mary's student. Let me hear from you.

Ron Lechner - "I graduated from Port Jervis high in 1966 and have lived in Florida since 1968. I would love to hear from anybody that knew me." telecomron@aol.com   
Robyn McCann-Fulk - "I would love to hear from former classmates and friends. Have lived away from Port Jervis for a long long time. Now living in Richmond, VA. email me at yankeebelle10856@aol.com "

Fran Norman Parker   frannorman1962@yahoo.com  "former 108 Franklin St. resident. Now of 200 Valorie Lane, Apt.54 ,Monona,Wisconsin 53716.  Searching for former classmates class of 1962 Port jervis High school. Plus Jean Ross fyre where r u? and Dennis Clark where r u? Please contact."  
(Webmaster's note - Thank you to Ms. Parker for suggesting the e-mail exchange)

Priscilla Oppelt Renault - "Would love to hear from former students that went to St. Mary's school from the early 50s and 60s." drredfish@ev1.net 

Edmund (Ed) Spencer - "I would like to hear from old friends that I went to school with."

"Searching for anyone related to or who knew Joseph Storms. Died April 7th 1989. This is his stepdaughter Joanna. Trying to find family members. My email address Joannatate@hotmail.com"

Edward Theodore - I used to live in PJ and I am now In the Coast Guard and want to hear from the people of my home town  edwardtheodore@hotmail.com


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