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High Point State Part New Jersey Memorial in Winter


Port Jervis, New York  12771
"Where New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania Come Together"
PortJervisNY.com - Welcoming the World to Port Jervis
GPS Coordinates:  N41 22.50479   W74 41.56109
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Port Jervis, NY, montage of area attractions and sights
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The Hawk's Nest
Three photo montage of The Hawks Nest on New York Route 97 outside of Port Jervis, NY.



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Community News


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12/11/21  Guilty plea in 2019 death of Port Jervis newborn
12/06/21  Pearl Harbor attack remembered in Port Jervis
12/03/21  Eight charged with trafficking meth, guns in western Orange County
11/29/21  Fire rips through Port Jervis apartment building
11/29/21  German Port Jervis celebrated
11/28/21  Local news stories in the most recent edition of Tri-State Lookout include: Local Farm Flourishes, Transgender Remembrance, Healy's Dark Art, Big Port Jervis Gifts, Chief Chats with D.A., Art and Music
11/26/21  Port Jervis celebrates Thanksgiving Day in multitude of generous, giving ways
11/08/21  Person falls through bathroom floor
11/04/21  NJ Transit to Add 36 Trains to Address Ridership Growth and Enhance Rail Service
10/27/21  Local news stories in the most recent edition of Tri-State Lookout include: German Consul General Visits Port, More Vet Suicides Than War Deaths, Deerpark PD Reform Twists, Detective Becomes Historian; Haunts and Hot Chocolate
10/26/21  Clothesline project comes to Port Jervis
10/23/21  Two state chase leads to arrest
10/21/21  Federal judge sides with DV parents suing for mask mandate
10/20/21  State police responded to a fatal motor scooter collision in Sparrowbush
10/15/21  Local news stories in the most recent edition of Tri-State Lookout include: Rattled Film Fest Fans, Antivax Protest on Shaky Ground, New Train Station, Festival Films with New Curator
10/08/21  Local news stories in the most recent edition of
Tri-State Lookout include: Urgent Care Center Rising in Port Jervis | Food Co-op Upsurge | Fall Fest Frolickers and More
Port Jervis Metro-North Station Renovation Completed
09/30/21  Two Port Jervis area buddies drown in Alaska boating accident
09/27/21  Fall Foliage Festival in Port Jervis
09/25/21  More local Port Jervis area news story from Tri-State Lookout - September 25 edition
09/15/21  Five local Port Jervis area news stories from Tri-State Lookout - September 15 edition
09/15/21  Political operative from Port Jervis decries her hometown led by Republican majority city council
09/14/21  Westbrookville man wounded in shootout with troopers is charged with attempted murder
09/06/21  NEW!  Local Port Jervis area news stories from Tri-State Lookout - September 6 Edition
09/02/21  Port Jervis land annexation nears completion
08/27/21  September 18 remote program will discuss the 1892 lynching of a black citizen in Port Jervis, NY
08/27/21  5 Port Jervis residents displaced by fire
08/24/21  Victim of Hawks Nest fall located
08/24/21  First responders search Hawks Nest for man reported over wall
08/24/21  Port Jervis man sentenced to PA jail for attempting to elude police
08/24/21  Port Jervis excited for start of football camp, even if the hustle wasn't all there
08/23/21  Port Jervis students complete Summer Youth Academy
08/17/21  Health commissioner reiterates need to wear masks
08/17/21  Two Port Jervis officers injured when responding to domestic dispute
08/12/21  Orange County issues mask advisory due to presence of Delta Variant
07/14/21  After seven Delaware drownings, officials beg swimmers and boaters to wear life jackets
07/09/21  Port Jervis mayor responds to rumors White Castle is opening in Hudson Valley
07/09/21  Port Jervis man wants help with storm drains due to ongoing flooding
07/07/21  Body is recovered from Delaware River
07/06/21  Missing swimmer still not located
07/04/21  Another Delaware River drowning
06/30/21  Delaware River claims fifth drowning victim
06/29/21  Delaware River claims fourth victim in days
06/29/21  Two drown on Delaware River over weekend
06/28/21  Body recovered from Delaware
06/27/21  Swimmer missing in Delaware River off Port Jervis    
06/24/21  Port Jervis part of winning lawsuit over money for schools
06/23/21  Port Jervis Hells Angels Member One Of Two Facing Weapon, Drug Charges
06/21/21  Middletown man sentenced for shooting teens in Port Jervis
06/17/21  Off duty Port Jervis police officer saves overdose victim with Narcan
06/11/21  Port Jervis man arrested on weapons, drug charges
06/11/21  Port Jervis man arrested as fugitive from justice
06/10/21  Port Jervis remembers 1892 lynching
06/08/21  Violent storm brings down trees and knocks out power in Port Jervis
06/01/21  Port Jervis veterans hold memorial at Orange Square/Veterans Park
05/26/21  Motorcyclist killed in Hawk’s Nest crash ID’ed as Long Island man
05/23/21  Motorcyclist killed in Hawk’s Nest crash
05/17/21  Port Jervis building inspector found not guilty for role in bar fight
04/30/21  Montague BOE votes to maintain ties with High Point; one member resigns in protest
04/25/21  Port Jervis rolls past Marlboro to clam Class B crown, 48 - 0
04/19/21  Port Jervis land annexation months away
04/16/21  Community activist to throw her hat in ring for Port Jervis mayor
04/15/21  Dump truck crashes through stone wall on Hawks Nest
04/05/21  State police arrested a Port Jervis man for felony gun possession
04/05/21  Port Jervis Police investigate serious stabbing
03/24/21  Indoor gunfire narrowly misses Port Jervis residents
03/24/21  Port Jervis man arrested for possessing crack cocaine, fentanyl
03/19/21  Major drug bust in Port Jervis; trafficker arrested
03/17/21  American Rescue Plan allots over $7 million to the Port Jervis school district
03/11/21  4 Port Jervis High School students injured in crash
03/05/21  Everyone was Irish in Port Jervis on Sunday (video)
02/25/21  Delaware River Basin Commission votes to ban fracking in the watershed
02/19/21  Small Cities Lawsuit Involving The Port Jervis School District Enters 13th Year
01/27/21  Mayor: Port Jervis is ‘shining gem’ on banks of Delaware River
12/28/20  Port Jervis, Wallkill get OK to impose room tax
12/15/20  Port Jervis hospital first in Orange County to receive COVID-19 vaccine
12/09/20  Montague school board accuses High Point HS officials of interference in lawsuit
12/03/20  Orange County grand jury clears Port Jervis cops in fatal shooting

Fishing and the Outdoors

Shad run is strong this year

Upper Delaware fishing news
Delaware River keeps emergency crews busy this summer with rescues and recoveries
Snapping Turtles
Tractors and trout; Who could ask for anything more?
Didymo in Our Streams: It's Worse Than You Think

Port Jervis, NY, montage of area attractions and sights

Still a railroad town

NY, NJ, and PA
National Weather Service  Alerts

Did You Know?
Interesting facts About Port Jervis

D.W. Griffith, Mary Pickford, and other silent movie notables pioneered 
the  film industry in the Port Jervis area

Renowned author, Stephen Crane, lived in Port Jervis. His  most famous work, The Red Badge of Courage, was likely influenced by Civil War veterans
of the
124th NYS Infantry
"Orange Blossoms" Regiment

Fascinating, highly detailed 1958 study  by the National Research Council analyzing the effects a 1955 Hurricane Diane flood rumor had on Port Jervis

Port Jervis, NY, Help wanted for PortJervisNY.com

August 2008    Budget Travel named 
Port Jervis 1# of 10 Coolest Small Towns

Sleak Diesel Electric Train Engine resting on Turntable

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Port Jervis, NY, 12771


Port Jervis, New York, is located on the Upper Delaware River where the states of New York, Pennsylvania, and New Jersey meet (see maps here ).

Claiming a population shown by the 2010 U.S. Census as slightly less than 9,000, this small city is further situated on the western border of Orange County, one of New York State's twelve original counties and whose founding dates to 1683. 

The current city of Port Jervis was once part of the still surrounding Town of Deerpark which was itself established in 1798.   After incorporating as a village in 1853, and later being legally separated from the Town of Deerpark, in 1907 Port Jervis became a city, the smallest of the three found in Orange County.

On its New Jersey side, Port Jervis abuts Sussex County's Montague Township while its Pike County neighbor across the Delaware River in Pennsylvania is Westfall Township.

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Prior to the arrival of the first European colonists near the start of the 18th century, the fertile Neversink River bottomland running through today's Port Jervis was known as "Magagkamack," a Lenape (Delaware Indian) phrase that has been interpreted as "pumpkin field" or "red lands."  It was in the vicinity of Port Jervis that a sub-group clan of the Lenape, the Minsi (Munsee), made their traditional seat of government while the larger region in which Port Jervis is located was "Minisink,"  a word still used today as a regional geographic identifier. 

Because of its location and waterways, which also includes the mouth of the Neversink river, Port Jervis has long been a transportation hub.

Begun in 1825, the Delaware and Hudson Canal was among the nation's first million dollar private ventures and it crossed Port Jervis as did what is sometimes described as the oldest 100 mile commercial road in America.  It is after leading 1800s American civil engineer, John B. Jervis, who became the D & H Canal's principal engineer, that the city is named.    

Because the mining and transportation of coal was a core reason why the D & H Canal was built, researching and ordering the first steam engine locomotive to run on commercial railroad tracks in the United States was likewise among the many lifelong engineering accomplishments of the city's namesake.

Consistent with its geography and relative prominence in early 19th century transportation, the coming of the Erie Railroad in 1848 led Port Jervis to become an  important railroad center where one of region's few remaining operational train turntables can still be found.  

Among the most famous of Port Jervis citizens is the acclaimed author of the Red Badge of Courage, Stephen Crane, who in 1878 took his first school lessons here.  The inspiration for that novel and other of his works held associations to Port Jervis where he stayed with his brother William, camped in Pike County with Port Jervis friends, spent time in Sullivan County, and returned for much of his 28 year life. 


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Public Transportation

Today commuter rail service to points east and south, - including New York City - is provided by New Jersey Transit.  Additional connections can be made by Amtrak in Manhattan's Penn Station and through the Metropolitan Transportation Authority, of which Metro-North Railroad is part.   The following link provides the location of and directions to the Port Jervis train station.   

Transportation by CoachUSA|Shortline Bus  service is available with connections at the Port Authority Bus Terminal.   

Interstate Route 84 and New Jersey's Route 23 are found at the city's southeastern border.  

Likewise, both Stewart International Airport and the New York State Thruway (I-87) can be reached by a convenient 45 minute drive via Interstate Route 84.   

New York Route 17 (future I-86) also connects with the Interstate and lies approximately 30 minutes from Port Jervis.      


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Photos of Some Port Jervis Area Attractions and
Map with Locations and Descriptions

About a one and three-quarter hour drive from New York City,  and within a day's ride of Philadelphia, PA, Atlantic City, NJWashington, D.C., Boston, MA,  and Montreal, Canada, Port Jervis retains its rural quality.  

Attracted by the area's natural beauty, including the scenic "Hawk's Nest" section of New York Route 97, every year hundreds of thousands of visitors canoe and raft down the Delaware river.  This same region is a popular fishing spot and is graced with American Bald Eagles that can be observed from public viewing areas, particularly during the winter months. 
    Because National Geograhic recognized "the world-class natural and cultural attractions of the middle and upper Delaware River region" of which Port Jervis is part, it partnered with local oranizations to create a useful geotourism guide map that highlights the area's many features, activities, and points of interest.   Visit the The National Geographic's Scenic, Wild Delaware River resource for more.

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