Stephen Crane's Pond
Port Jervis, New York and Related Area Photographs

STEPHEN CRANE'S POND - Here at the home of his brother Edmund the author of The Red Badge of Courage lived and wrote in the early 1890s.  Text from historical marker.  

The house pictured here, and which is directly across Cold Spring Road where the historical marker is located, is not where Crane visted his brother Edmund.  That wooden building was located on the opposite side of the pond from the historical marker and near the Hartwood station for the Port Jervis, Monticello, and New York railroad where Edmund served as its agent.  That house was destroyed by fire in 1927, years after Stephen's death in 1900 and Edmund having moved to Port Jervis where he and members of his own family lie buried in Laurel Grove Cemetery.

Click this link to open a map showing Port Jervis area points of interest and their locations including that pictured above.






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