New York Regional Interconnect (NYRI) is a company advancing a venture capital project that would create a massive, 190 mile long electric transmission line from central New York State almost to the Hudson River in eastern Orange County.  If successful, 73 miles of the 1,200 megawatt power line, which includes towers as high as 180 feet, would be routed through the wild and scenic Upper Delaware River corridor.   
      In order to make the power line a reality, some landowners would likely have their property seized through eminent domain. Large scale clear cutting of trees would take place and herbicides would be used both to kill remaining vegetation and to ensure no further growth occurred.
     The potential damaging effects associated with NYRI's project are staggering.  
      From disruption of fragile environmental habitats, including that of the American Bald Eagle, to severe economic and esthetic impacts,  the NYRI stands to devastate one of the most precious natural, historic, and financial resources of the Port Jervis/Tri-State region.  Similar concerns like those facing the Port Jervis area are likewise being expressed by scores of communities along the length of the proposed power line route and a significant number of influential elected officials are also voicing their opposition to the current NYRI plan. 
      For those who believe that protecting property, the environment, wildlife, economic resources, and the priceless beauty of the Upper Delaware River is important, the following resources are offered.  Don't delay.  Take action.  Get involved now.  STOP NYRI! 

Communities Against Regional Interconnect

Upper Delaware Preservation Coalition

Upstate NY Citizens Alliance

Contact New York State and Federal elected representatives for the Port Jervis region.




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