Port Jervis Walks from the New Jersey Transit Train Platform

When arriving at the Port Jervis train platform a fast food restaurant is located nearby.  If facing toward the train and tracks the Delaware River and State of Pennsylvania lie a few blocks away.

 03 October  2013 - Port Jervis like many other small communities has struggled under difficult economic conditions and all that comes with it.   Challenges continue to be met. Progress is shown by an expansion of the city's largest employer, improved quality of life, more recreation and hobbyist choices, broader public interest in Port Jervis, and commercial property renovation plans.                                              

Front Street Sussex Street The Delaware River

Front Street runs the length of the downtown Port Jervis retail business area.  Along this route is a unique gift store, antique dealers, barber shops, and restaurants.  If walking the full distance of the downtown area - about one-quarter mile - the historic Erie Depot stands at its far end.  A short distance further on is an art gallery.

Directions and Map

1) After exiting the train platform turn to the right heading in the direction the train just came from.

2)  Walk the length of the platform and then about another 60 feet.
3)Pass through the opening on the left. 
An orange street sculpture is there.

4) The street going left and right is Front Street.  Pike Street is straight ahead.
5) Move to the Front Street sidewalk, turn right and enjoy your walk.   


Sussex Street is the financial and governmental area of Port Jervis.  Banks, the post office, and the municipal building are found here.  A walk to the top of Sussex Street arrives at Orange Square Veterans' Memorial Park and its 60 ton monument erected in 1886 to honor veterans of the American Civil War.  Across Sussex Street from the park is a Methodist church and rectory associated with writer, poet, and newspaper war correspondent, Stephen Crane.  On the opposite side of the park is Pike Street, a main thoroughfare that on its way back toward Front Street passes by the 1903 Port Jervis Free Library that was endowed by philanthropist Andrew Carnegie. 

Directions and Map

1) Follow steps 1 through 5 to Front Street.  
2) Walk one block on right side of Front Street to Sussex Street and cross to the left.  At the corner there is a pillared building with a chime clock. The walk from this spot to the park at the top of the Sussex Street hill is about one-quarter mile.


The Delaware River serves as a dividing line between Port Jervis, NY, and Matamoras, PA.  The Mid-Delaware bridge crossing the river provides a scenic view of the valley and New Jersey where a stone monument seen on a mountain top four miles away marks the highest point in that state.  The sharp bend in the river downstream from the bridge is near where the Neversink River joins the Delaware and the states of New York, New Jersey, and Pennsylvania meet.  Along this route is a popular restaurant as well as an ice cream and dessert parlor.  Also in this area is an asphalt walking trail that follows the river to the city's West End Beach. 

Directions and Map

1) After exiting the train platform turn to the right, heading back in the direction the train came from.

2)  Walk the length of the platform and then about another 60 feet.
3)Pass through the opening on the left. An orange street sculpture is there.

4) Use steps on immediate left leading to the train underpass tunnel.

5) Turn left and emerge on the distant end of of the tunnel.  This is Pike Street.
6) Proceed forward.  The restaurant is on the left corner.  Continuing in this direction on Pike Street the bridge crossing the Delaware River is found.  Pennsylvania is on the far side.
7) If  going to the ice cream parlor from the restaurant carefully cross Pike Street at the King Street intersection traffic light.  
8) Walk two blocks on King Street to Thompson Street and turn left.
9) The ice cream parlor is two blocks ahead on the left and the walking trail parking lot is to the right



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