Railroad Turntable 
Points of Interest Photographs of Port Jervis, New York, and Related Areas

These Youtube.com clips, courtesy of Chris Zizzo, show the Chesapeake and Ohio "Chessie" 614 in Port Jervis and heading back toward Hoboken, NJ.   Great train chugging and whistle sounds! 

Also see 2007 train revival arrives in Port Jervis 

Click this link to open a map showing Port Jervis area points of interest and their locations including that pictured above.

Click on this link to see a satellite photo image of the turntable (opens in a new browser window.)  


This photograph of Port Jervis and Erie Railroad yards taken at Point Peter (circa 1890-1900?) is from the New York State Archives

The following group of photographs from the Library of Congress show the roundhouse which had at its center the railroad turntable.
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July 1971 - General view of Roundhouse, from West July 1971 - Close-up view of Roundhouse, from southwest
July 1971 - View of office area July 1971 - Interior view of west wall
July 1971 - Detail of entrance, from west July 1971 - Index to photographs,
Historic American Engineering Records 
Erie Railway:  Port Jervis Roundhouse.  
Jack Boucher, photographer
From the Library of Congress, American Memory
The next four photographs were taken in 2005.  The roundhouse which encompassed the turntable succumbed to an arsonist's fire in the 1980s.
Looking southeast, this picture shows the bed of the turntable on which engines and cars were sent to individual track spurs  for repair or had their direction reversed. The structure is the turntable's control booth. This photo conveys the roundhouse layout and shows the spoke-like rail spurs which were utilized as repair bays.  The turntable control booth is at far right center.
Shot in a more northeastern direction, this angle of the repair bay rail spurs includes the "Point Peter" scenic viewing area at right center below the clouds.  A reverse view from Point Peter shows the roundhouse's repair bay spokes at bottom right.  Across the Delaware River bridge lies Matamoras, PA. The mountains are in NJ.
Featured on an interesting 1920 Aero map of Port Jervis found on the Library of Congress web site is this detail drawing which further illustrates the roundhouse layout. Harold Werthwein's "fabulous Erie Railroad-Delaware Division" includes a model section of  the Port Jervis roundhouse and turntable.

The Chesapeake and Ohio "Chessie" 614 was photographed by Doug Thornton on the Port Jervis turntable during one of the train's several visits in the late 1990s.  Unfortunately, enthusiasm for maintaining the turntable ebbed after Chessie had problems with performance and federal railroad regulations.  Today (2016) the 614 is housed at the C&O Railway Heritage Center in Clifton Forge, Virginia. Although this reprint does not adequately show the roundhouse (rear center) it does give a sense of the busy Erie rail yards in the early 1900s.  Note that the houses in front of the mountain at right also seem to still be seen in the 2005 picture shown at the top of this column.  



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