Work Starts on Downtown Port Jervis Pedestrian Mall
Public square setting adds green space and aligns with municipal parking lot
Completion reportedly planned for no later than early 2018

This Oct. 2015 Google Street View snip looks southeast on Front Street where the mall is being built. The plan drawing appears to show the area extending about to the crosswalk seen in foreground. The existing fountain at Grab Point found where the streets divide (Note: "Grab" is the original, authentic spelling) will be removed and replaced with another at a point more centered in the mall area and aligning with the existing municipal parking lot by the trees at left.   Parallel parking spaces will line the street along the outer edge of the mall. A second Oct. 2015 Google Street View snip looks northwest on Front Street from the intersection of Fowler St. The plan calls for diagonal parking here along the front of existing businesses and continued parallel spots on the opposite side. At the end of this row of buildings is the municipal parking lot through which traffic will be routed to Ball St.
This photo of construction underway on the project was posted on the Port Jervis Mayor's Facebook page July 14, 2017. Another image from the Port Jervis Mayor's Facebook page is this artist's rendering of the mall.  Click the drawing for a larger version in a new window.

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